How a Mystic lives as an actor?

A mystic is a normal person got transformed due to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the real extra that transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary person.

This transformation leads him to this heartfelt realisation that he is not the body but the soul or consciousness or self or Dhamma or Dharm or reality or entered the Kingdom of God or Tao etc etc.

This becomes a continuous remembering and every moment he feels that this body is part of five elements only as all other things in the material world. Anything composed of these basic five elements is bound to follow cyclical nature. His soul is beyond this cyclical nature of things like a drop of water leaves the water cycle by getting transformed into Pearl in a bivalve. Mind is like that bivalve in this ocean, called body, and after taking the drop of water like meditation one needs to go deeper to heart and then further deeper till Hara, behind navel to become enlightened. The on its own this attitude of being a ‘watcher’ attitude towards himself and as body being a tool develops all of a sudden and he starts using it to get the jobs done.

Osho himself said ‘So I myself am pleased and hope that science succeeds in making a test-tube baby as soon as possible, because then we will be helped by scientific investigations to break our identity with the body. Then we will know for sure that the body is a kind of machine, and that to believe in it as the self is foolish. It is foolishness even now, but at present we are unwilling to recognize that the body is a machine. It is a machine even so. It is produced by natural forces, so by understanding the secrets of nature we will be able to produce it, and then we will have the cooperation of natural forces to break our identification with the body. absolu09’ from

It is just like an actor performing his art on stage in a role. To him a constant remembering remains that it is just my role and I am so and so hero performing this role only. However he is involved in the role so much so that he becomes it but still the personality that he is in real life keeps watching him continuously.

This watching makes sure that the role never touches him in any way. Neither Any shame in that role or blame or even death etc never hurts him nor any moment of pride, success really makes him proud. It is similar to dissolved ego of a mystic. Then only Jesus be able to say on cross ‘thy shall be done’ and forgive them. But the actor is not a mystic because all he is doing is for a purpose or money etc etc and the ego is not got dissolved. This is why Osho stressed to all artists that they are nearest to become a mystic just they have to learn 1) how to dissolve the ego and 2) learn to understand that this whole universe is moving without a purpose so be purposeless and do it for the sake of doing it as a service to and that too your best.

Call it bliss or Anand or eternal happiness or eternal freedom or fearlessness, it is same. When you realise that you are not the body, this feeling is inexpressible. India Mystic Kabir says( note that it is written in present tense because once a person leaves his body at particular time, place of his choice then his invisible presence remains forever and every-time we quote it is he himself saying through that person): गूँगे केरी सर्करा, खाय और मुस्काय।

Means it is such that a hearing impaired person has eaten sugar and trying to express his taste.

When Napoleon Bonaparte reached India he saw two mystics jumping on the ground continuously. He stopped them and asked the reason for such act before him. They told him that they are trying to occupy two places at a time. However it seems to us as impossible but still we are trying after looking at you. Napoleon warned them that their heads will be cut within minute if they do not stop. They answered that if you cut our head, you will see our heads falling and we will also watch our heads falling. We are not body as you think you are. By cutting our heads you will be able to cut only minuscule and visible part of us, the infinite and eternal part will remain even after that. This is the reason for our fearlessness and you too can attain it.

Osho stressed upon scientists to learn meditation because as the very nature of discovering our self/soul is very similar to research they are doing, just their research is objective while spiritual research is subjective in nature. Indian mystic said : जिन खोजा तिन पाइयाँ, गहरे पानी पैठ। means whosoever searched within deeply they found it within for sure. Our body is 70–80% water only so this body is named as ocean or water by many mystics.



Spiritual seeker conveying own experiences. Ego is only an absence, like darkness, bring in the lamp_awareness&BeA.LightUntoYourself.

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Sandeep Kumar Verma

Sandeep Kumar Verma


Spiritual seeker conveying own experiences. Ego is only an absence, like darkness, bring in the lamp_awareness&BeA.LightUntoYourself.