How meditation actually helps us?

I have given link to the simplest meditation that helped me most. It could not be posted on medium so I am giving link to my WP blog post

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“I have not come across a single man in my life who has not had enlightened moments.

You yourself don’t believe that you can be enlightened, so you don’t even take note of them.

Someday, walking on the beach and the sun is beautiful and the breeze is salty and a moment comes, a door opens.

Suddenly you start seeing things as you have never seen them.

You are utterly lost in the moment; there is no past and no future.

You have forgotten who you are, you have forgotten what you want to become, you simply are – in tune with the ocean and the wind and the sun.

This is enlightenment – although I know you are not capable of living in it, because you have not created a meditative space inside you.

So it comes and goes.

If you have created a meditative space inside you, that meditative space will be able to contain it.

That’s what meditation is all about: the capacity to contain enlightenment.

Enlightenment comes to everybody – but you have so many holes in your being it flows out, it simply leaks out.

Seeing a tree in full bloom, the spring has come and you are in a kind of awe.

Seeing the green and the red and the gold of the tree, you are transported into another world.

This is enlightenment.

You fall back; the gravitation is too much.

Your wife comes and says, “What are you doing here?” – and you are back again in your unenlightened state.

And you are not courageous enough to accept the fact because you don’t respect yourself.

You have been taught by the so-called religious people to condemn yourself.

You cannot accept “Enlightenment can happen to me. It happened to Buddha – okay. It happened to Christ – maybe. But it can’t happen to me. To me? It can’t happen to me.”

You have not respected yourself, you have not loved yourself.

Otherwise enlightenment comes to everybody, all and sundry.

It comes to sinners, it comes to saints.

Enlightenment has no condition for coming.

In fact, to use the word coming is not right – it arises.

The impact of the sun and the beach, the impact of the morning breeze, and it arises inside you, a wave.

Then it relapses back because you don’t have the space to contain it.

Be meditative, and you will be able to contain that moment for longer periods.

And when you are totally meditative… And what do I mean by meditative?

When you are totally thoughtless.

It is thought that functions as a hole in your being – and you have so many thoughts, so you have so many holes.

Your bucket is full of holes: with this bucket you go to a well and you try to draw water.

When you lower the bucket down into the well, when it is in the water it is full of water.

Then you start drawing it and the water starts leaking.

By the time it reaches your hands it is empty.

And it is not that it was not full of water when it was in the well – it was.

Exactly like that, it happens.

There are moments when you are full of enlightenment.

Making love to your woman it happens: in that orgasmic space suddenly you are enlightened.

You are a Krishna, and your wife, your beloved, is a Radha.

You are no longer ordinary human beings.

Suddenly you belong to eternity and not to time.

Suddenly you are no longer physical bodies – you have buddha bodies in that moment. But then it is lost; you fall back.

It is like jumping.

You can jump, and when you jump you lose the earth, the gravitation – for a moment you are part of the sky.

But then you fall back because you don’t have wings.

You will have to grow wings.

Meditation is not really a search for enlightenment; enlightenment comes without any search.

Meditation is just growing wings, or creating a space inside you so that when the guest comes, you can persuade the guest to live inside you and become the host.”

– The Revolution: Talks On Kabir by Osho



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