The message of Inquilab could be sent rightly by laying my life for it.

Sandeep Kumar Verma
3 min readFeb 27, 2023


This post is based upon a good post on Facebook by Darshan Mondkar.

Here is my comment given on the post. It is the timing that is important but message needs course correction as per my view so I commented on it as below:-

“Good message at right time. When Sisodia went on back-foot then and there they understood that he is trying to save himself.

Bhagat Singh was asked ‘why you disagreed to appoint a lawyer for you?’ (Or something like it)

He said very important words in the history of mankind

“The message of Inquilab could be sent rightly by laying my life for it.’

Had he accepted his mistakes the clinics and schools will be taken care of well by party members. Jesus also faced this dilemma while he was innocent, but he transformed into Christ on cross when he accepted ‘Thy shall be done’. It is not necessary that you have to finish the job too, eternity has enough time and people in its store to get the job done. You just show your commitment.

Indira too was informed about attack on her, but in her last speech she preferred to inform people that she is ready to lay her life for the cause. The cause for her was bigger than her life.

This is ‘the’ difference between Congress and RSS.”


The arrest of Manish Sisodia should be a warning for every supporter of every party.

When Manish Sisodia had said that the release of Bilkis Banu rapists was “not his concern” the entire AAP support team on social media had ganged up to defend him.

They said it was a strategic silence and spent a lot of time convincing those who were upset by this stand, about how primary education and mohalla clinics were the agenda which would set the entire system right.

And how the AAP did not want to “play on the agenda of BJP”

Time that you realize…..

There is nothing called as “Strategic Silence” or “Tactical Stand” when it comes to voicing out against injustice.

These are merely opportunistic stands taken because you don’t want to stick your neck out for the weak…..because you are not the ones who are being affected by it right now.

You might not want to play on the BJP’s game on BJP’s ground, but BJP is going to bring the ground to your home and make you play it.

And then others are going to maintain the same “Strategic Silence” that you did…..

Social injustice is the biggest evil that we are currently facing and if you can’t stand up for that, irrespective of what your political party line is, then you are sliding down a deep slope, away from being a better human being.

If you cannot stand strong against injustice against others, then that injustice is going to come knocking on your door soon……fir wo primary education aur mohalla clinics ki batti bana ke na…..baaki tum log samajhdaar ho.

Disclaimer: The day the people of India get out of the Bhakti of their individual political parties and leaders and start standing up for the correct causes of Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Justice…..that would be the day India will start progressing.



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