Unlock your quantum potential in this game called life.

Sandeep Kumar Verma
5 min readAug 3, 2022

If you are, then the invisible force is being expressed through you! Call it existence or consciousness and you can even see it!

This picture is about the invisible waves that we cannot see from our eyes, but if we are experiencing output from these gadgets. So it is a proof that they are working and invisible waves become visible through them. This is how formless expresses itself through forms.

Same is with us, with nature around us and with things around us. If we can feel them, observe them, or if they are growing or moving etc then it is sure that there is an invisible force behind them.

When I see myself into mirror then actually I am able to see that invisible energy which is being expressed through me. That infinite source or existence or consciousness or reality or self is just expressing itself through all creatures, things around us.

Only a human being is given gift of exhibiting quantum state like atom. In spiritual terms if a person is able to unlock his/her quantum state in the game called life, he/she is called as ‘awakened’ afterwards. Before that the wave state was sleeping and now one is able to use particle state(body) as well as wave state(spirit) at will. Once this wave state is unlocked it is going to remain forever. It is about this life Bob Marley, the famous singer of ISA, is talking about as richness in this famous interview. During Philosia moment in life it happens. Experiences of Philosia moment is like experiencing the Zeno effect.

But there are very few who unlock this power in video or VR game called human life. Since most of us possess only one state, so we could see only particle state of atom in a double slit experiment. It is not that atom is changing itself from wave to particle upon observing that we are watching it, but it is our inability to see the wave form of it.

In a double slit experiment when we observe the atom becomes particle otherwise it keeps behaving as a wave.

I wish to add:

In my post conditioning, philosophy and reality explained using a photo as metaphor, I tried to let us understand that the basic requirement to spiritual phenomenon is to know ourself first. Conditioning by society or of scientific wisdom or else are equally responsible to create hurdles in your spiritual journey. We must know the answer of question ‘who am I?’. Mystics says that by knowing ourself we come to know immediately the basic of everything and everyone in this universe because we all are getting energy from it.

I call it as Philosia moment, Since we have yet to unlock our power to exhibit the quantum state we are not able to see the wave form and treat it as invisible.

Before Philosia moment in our life, we lived only particle state of atom. During Philosia moment, it may even do not last even a nano moment, but due to quantum entanglement our inner self with the cosmic self the discovery of our ‘wave state’, that we have forgotten, happens. We start exhibiting both states wave and particle state at will onwards.

The strong presence or strong magnet like attraction we feel near an enlightened person is due to resonance of that awakened wave state and our sleeping wave state. This is why living near an enlightened person is advocated by earlier mystics, if one is willing to embark upon spiritual journey.

This ‘brings’ stoppage of continuous hankering of thoughts and death to ego as if after discovery of diamond in pocket the stones we were hiding in our hands automatically drops.
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Awakening or enlightenment is like unlocking the power to exhibit or see both the states of atom. In wave form you are everywher e and in particle form you remain till body keeps living and after death you remain as wave!

Mystics all around the world have unlocked that power and have said that living human life after unlocking that power from within is bliss, ecstatic and ultimate freedom. Jesus’s uniqueness is his resurrection through which he made himself recognised, by his disciples, in spirit form (or omnipresent eternal wave form) by his disciples by chewing, his way of chewing was unique. So he became first mystic to demonstrate spirit form (wave form) to the living ones.

It is my experience too that the mind or continuous hankering of thoughts is biggest hurdle to unlock that power, it keeps us in past or future. While this forgotten power within could only be unlocked when we are ‘authentically’, totally’ and ‘intensely’ available in present moment.

We maintain many faces to survive in our society, if enlightenment is going to happen then it is going to happen to one only. So one needs to start living authentic life so that only one is going to get that experience. Mystics says that everyone encounters this experience in his/her life but the one present in that moment was not the authentic one so most of us miss the opportunity.

Osho suggested that for contemporary people practice of awareness meditation is simplest method that can be of great help in unlocking this hidden power within.

I practiced it for 20+ years (after trying different 8–10 meditations etc for 15 years) and found it miraculously helpful to most people who are living authentic life, performing their job in hand with totality and helpful to all.

So it is a try and error method. You may not take much time or you may never get it, but one thing is sure that every effort is added cumulatively to your spiritual account. So it is not going to waste but helps you in taking next birth in more favourable conditions so that you discover your quantum state in Philosia mement.

For others Osho suggested one time Dynamic Meditation along with awareness meditation.
How to become conscious and how I started? is given in my blog post

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